Unpacking Empathy

This workshop was an in-depth inquiry into the definition and application of empathy. Empathy isn’t something we have or don’t have, do or don’t do. It is, like all our emotional and cognitive abilities, contingent upon various situations and conditions. In this course, we took a closer look at these specific conditions and unpack empathy in a myriad of ways. Combining literature from social sciences and humanities we aim to understand: Why do we feel empathy for one person and not for another person?  Continue reading “Unpacking Empathy”


Voorlinden Museum

My best friend and I went to Voorlinden Museum, Wassenaar. {video} I was intrigued by the big windows which filter the Northern Light, making sure you get to see the artworks in as much natural light as possible! Here’s a video of Voorlinden Museum. The visit resulted in a translation of spaciousness and transparency.  I used foam board, a couple of wooden beads, tooth picks and plexiglass. … Continue reading Voorlinden Museum